I draw weird stuff for bands
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deathexhaled said: Hey, just wanted to let you know I dig your work! Keep it up!

Hey, thanks bud!  

kassyramone said: Hi cassie, do you sale prints of your art :0

Hi!  Most of the art I do is for bands.  But I also make art when I’m not making art for bands, sometimes that art turns into a run of prints.  

Did this guy awhile ago for Neck Deep to take on Warped Tour.  They ended up using a different color scheme than this one.  
shirt design for Senses Fail
reject. anyone wanna take this?

jelly--fishes said: Woah, you're extremely talented!

Thanks!  You’re extremely nice for stopping by to tell me that!  

Did this one for McCalister.
McCalister is a really cool pop punk band from New Jersey and you should take some time to check out their tunes!
Click here to check them out! 

Anonymous said: I really wanted the knuckle puck shirt that you designed but they're all out of stock and I'm devastated :(

Bummer! Sorry you weren’t able to grab one.  

Anonymous said: What programs/sights/anything else do you use for your art?

I use Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Bamboo tablet.  

Snacks and records help too.  

Anonymous said: Somehow I keep missing when you upload new stuff, it's always so rad though! it's super rad that you still follow me and I hope you continue to do really awesome work in the future. Best wishes

Don’t you worry I’ll be putting up some new stuff soon and this time you won’t miss it. I’ll make it impossible to miss.  I’ll takeover tumblr and make it the only post on tumblr. 

Anonymous said: how did you get into doing merch/other designs for bands?

I started out making posters/flyers for local gigs.  Then bands began to ask if I would build merch for them. So I did.  Exciting stuff!  

ladisputeinmyass said: HOLY SHIT. YOUR STUFF IS AMAZING.

Thanks a bunch! 

twinkieforafatchick said: Hi I'm interested in your work and I would like to get some stuff done by you cause your a amazing artist is there anyway I could contact you for that ?

Hey, thanks a bunch!  Yeah, you can get in touch with me here: cassiepodish@gmail.com

Really cool tattoo of the skull dude from the Knuckle Puck side of the Knuckle Puck/Neck Deep split 7” art I did back in February. 

plant-puke said: Ahhh I have the knuckle puck skull castle shirt and I love it so much! Anyways I was just wondering if you had an email or something where I could message you? I have a bunch of questions about graphic designing and how you actually got bands to print your art onto shirts.

Way cool!  I’m really glad you love it!  Yeah, you can reach me here: cassiepodish@gmail.com